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今日のボヤキ 1/22

今日のボヤキ 1/22






新型コロナウイルス 感染者数やNHK最新ニュース|NHK特設サイト



















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Happy new year. .... I've been busy since the end of last year, and I noticed that January was also the end.
The university is also nearing the end of the second semester, and it is a test week of angry waves. Although I think that I am overwhelmingly less studying than in high school, I feel that there are more places to study outside of school.

By the way, the movement of people has increased during the year-end and New Year holidays, and it is exploding that we do not know what kind of coronavirus it is.
Number of people infected with new coronavirus and NHK latest news | NHK special site
Looking at NHK's total today, it is the largest number of infected people ever. As of 1/22, there are over 50,000 people.

How do you perceive this?
After all, I think many people think that infection is scary. However, I would like you to refer to the data below as well.
This is the change in the number of suicides at the stage when Corona started to do it in 2020.
It's been about two years from now.
It is attracting attention only as the lives lost by the coronavirus, but I think we must not forget the fact that the lives lost by suicide are increasing and there are many young lives.

We understand the intent of government measures such as emergency declarations and epidemic prevention measures, but unfortunately no data have been obtained that have been useful as a result of experts in the last two years.
In addition, the virus is mutated, and it is generally said that the infectivity becomes stronger with each mutation, but it becomes attenuated and the mortality rate decreases.

It may be important to curb the flow of people, but shouldn't we also consider a policy based on global standards, which considers it dangerous to cause further stagnation?

What kind of society do you think is desirable in the future?
Is it with corona or vs corona ...