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今日のボヤキ 6/27

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Today's blurbs

Equality" or "Fairness" Which would you choose?
Do you think "equality" means equal opportunity for all?
It is true that in the educational process, all people were given the same assignments and were assigned a superiority or inferiority based on the results of those assignments.


But what about in the real world?


As I have written in my previous blurbs and on my blog, because Japan is a "democracy," people tend to mistakenly believe that everyone is equal. However, I don't think this is actually the case.

The advantage of "equality" is that those who are already better than others are given more opportunities to excel and grow. Perhaps "equality" is a world in which everyone is given equal opportunities, and if the same goals are set, those with higher abilities have an advantage.

On the other hand, "fairness" is a world in which challenges are given to individuals according to their abilities, and although opportunities may not be equal, there may be opportunities that are beyond one's ability. What is required of an individual depends on his or her ability at the time, and the opportunities given to him or her will also differ from individual to individual.

However, we believe that this is the advantage of "fairness.

Although they have different abilities, they may be given opportunities for growth at some point, or they may be subject to evaluation based on something other than their abilities, and the "parental gacha" that we often hear about these days can be resolved a little by themselves.

Perhaps the term "parental gacha" has been spreading as an excuse for giving up and noticing the differences in abilities among individuals due to the over-emphasis on "equality" in compulsory education.
Isn't it important to make children understand that the world is "fair and cruel in some aspects" from the process of compulsory education?
Even there, I think we need to teach the children well so that they will not lose their motivation. .....