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It may have been a long time since you've been a bookworm. w

Last month you spent most of it staring at class resumes and reference books. ....

Again, this time it will be a novel by Maiko Seo. You may feel that there are a lot of them, but they are useful when you want to read a book without thinking about it!



A young man claiming to be her elder brother suddenly appears in front of Sakura, who is about to get married.
He is apparently a year younger than Sakura, but he knows her well.
The "older brother", who has an air of something unbearable about him, also shows up at the Japanese confectionary shop run by her marriage partner's parents and unwittingly becomes an integral part of her life.
Who is he and what is his purpose? A memory is triggered amid an ordinary day...

A heart-warming story for all those who live life to the fullest in the present.


This story will make you think about what family means in today's increasingly diverse world.

The story begins when a stranger appears in front of the main character Sakura, claiming to be her "older brother". The story begins with the appearance of a stranger, a man who calls himself "brother", in front of the main character Sakura.

The concept of family in our minds has not changed, even though the forms of "family" have diversified, and our gaze on those who are outside the worldly framework is harsh, without considering their loneliness and sense of loss. These attitudes are formed in the unconscious and may be difficult to notice on the perpetrator's side.

It seems to tell us that common sense is not always correct in the modern world.

And if you read through to the end, you will understand the meaning behind the title, 'Spring, Back'. Why is the word "return" used...?

I urge you to read it while you think about it!