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What are the most popular companies and which ones have not changed in 10 years?

It's hard to survive in an age where things and people are definitely flowing faster than they did 10 years ago.


Ten years ago, the top three companies for 2014 graduates were JTB (3rd), Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ (now Mitsubishi UFJ Bank) (2nd), and ITOCHU Corporation (1st). 3 trading companies and 2 financial companies were ranked in the top 10.

In the top 10, three trading companies and two financial companies were ranked. The ranking for 2015 graduates was ANA (3rd), Oriental Land (2nd), and JTB (1st). The list has changed dramatically, with travel-related companies replacing trading companies and finance-related companies in the rankings.

It is surprising to see such a big change in one year.


Looking at the most recent list of graduates from 2020 to 2023, ITOCHU Corporation ranked first for the fourth consecutive year, and was the only company to remain in the top 10 for 10 years. Food-related companies also continue to be popular, with two to three companies ranking in the top 10 every year.

In addition, Shiseido, a pharmaceutical-related company, was ranked in every year except 2020. Publishing companies and printing companies are also ranked high.

Perhaps due to the Corona disaster, it is also impressive that the major supermarket company Aeon Group has been in the top 10 for the last two years.


This may be because trading companies are involved in a wide range of businesses, so there is little concern that their operations will be jeopardized even by the Corona disaster.

On the other hand, the service industry, such as tourism, has suffered a lot of damage in the past two to three years, which may have an impact on the future, but there is no doubt that when Corona calms down, a travel boom will come and the industry will come back to life.

I also think that the growth of the AEON Group is partly due to Corona, but I think it is also due to the establishment of its own brand and the generous benefits provided to its employees. The speed of business expansion is also fast, and there are Aeon affiliated stores all over the country. I think this is also a result of the recognition and peace of mind that our citizens have received.